Lee Stillwell believes that life is too short not to have a good sense of humor when discussing the twists and turns on the road to success in Washington, D.C. and at the state level.

He has become known for his “Stillwellisms” when counseling clients:

  • “Washington, D.C. is such a mean town that you know someone is a friend when they stab you in the chest, not the back.”
  • “Politicians are notorious for putting fancy names on bad legislation. When you dress up a pig, it’s still a pig.”
  • “The outcome of passing new legislation is risky. Too often when you impregnate the bride (proposed legislation), the result is Rosemary’s baby (a very bad bill).”
  • “When maneuvering in the dangerous, swirling waters of government, it’s always best to run silent, run deep and keep your periscope up.”
  • “Keep in mind: When it comes to new legislation or rulemaking, the devil is in the details!”
  • “People in Washington, DC, get too much credit. The perception is politicians and bureaucrats are always on their game…that the town is a well-oiled, efficient machine that controls the outcome. Not so…everyone quite often should be given credit for incompetence, ineptness and inefficiency. Sometimes ‘stuff’ just happens!”
  • “Always take the high road…There’s never any traffic!”